Friday, May 25, 2012

On Keeping Your Kids Safe Online

James Steyer is the author of Talking Back To Facebook: A Common Sense Guide To Raising Kids In The Digital Age, a book which discusses some of the effects of digital media on children and proposes techniques to ensure your kids' online safety.  He talked about his new book with Dave Davies on NPR's Fresh Air this week.  
"Young people in particular often self-reveal before they self-reflect," Steyer tells Fresh Air's Dave Davies. "There is no eraser button today for youthful indiscretion."  

"Last year, the Wall Street Journal found that 30 percent more tracking cookies were being used on kids' [websites] than on ones for general audiences," he says.  "So these are very basic things, but they will have an extraordinary impact on protecting privacy if we would just enact them."

While reality can be scary, there are still many safe sites designed for children under the age of 13.  Mr. Steyer's organization, Common Sense Media, can help you decide what kinds of technology are age-appropriate for your kids.  

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