Underground Readers (3rd - 6th Grade)


Summer Reading is coming to an end.  With only seven days left until the first day of school,  time is running out to drop off your postcards and pick up your prize bag.  If you have turned in all four postcards, remember to stop in for your prize bag.  If you cannot stop by before school starts, then a parent is welcome to pick up your prize bag for you.  It is also not too late to turn in your postcards if you have not had the chance.

If you want to participate in the raffle, please drop your raffle tickets off in the Children's Room by the first day of school.  The raffle will be held on September 4 and the final summer reading prizes will be raffled off.

Underground Readers Update (7/26/2013):
Congratulations to Luke C., Abby K., Markian N., Brady S., Arinanna T., Samara T., Nicolta V., and Jane Z., for being the first to send in all four postcards. 

Participants have until the first day of school to turn in their postcards.  We will start giving out prize bags on Monday, August 12.  And do not forget to turn in your raffle tickets!


Underground Readers (Traveler Program)

Summer travelers and sleep away campers can now participate from any location.  This program is geared towards children going into third through sixth grade.  When participants sign-up, they receive a packet with four postcards inside.  Each time they finish a book, they fill out a postcard.  As long as all four postcards are returned to the library by the first day of school, they will receive a prize package.  Postcards can be mailed to the library or turned in by a parent or child.  Children can register for this program even if they are not traveling this summer, if they feel they will not be able to make it into the library on a regular basis. 

Special thanks to The Friends of the North Castle Public Library, Inc. for funding our Summer Reading Program 2013.

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