Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer Vacation Has Started....

School is finally over and it is time to start having fun, but don't forget to read this summer.  Unsure what to start with?  Checkout some of these great chapter and picture books about summer vacation.  Whether you spend your summer at summer school, searching for aliens, hiding from the police, or hanging out at the pool; there is a book that you will enjoy! 
Chapter Books

1) Summer at Forsaken Lake by Michael D. Beil
2) The sasquatch escape by Suzanne Selfors
3) Horse camp by Nicole Lea Helget

1) Rebel McKenzie by Candice F. Ransom
2) Ten good and bad things about my life (so far) by Ann M. Martin
3) My summer of pink and green by Lisa Greenwald

1) Seaglass summer by Anjali Banerjee2) How to survive a totally boring summer by Alice DeLaCrois
3) Here's how I see it: here's how it is by Heather Henson

1) One crazy summer by Rita Williams-Garcia
2) Tracing stars by Erin E. Moulton
3) Summer of the gypsy moths by Sara Pennypacker

1) The absolute value of Mike by Kathryn Erskine
2) Glory be by Augusta Scattergood
3) The summer of May by Cecelia Galante

1) Minn and Jake's almost terrible summer by Janet S. Wong
2) Life and crimes of Bernetta Wallflower by Lisa Graff
3) Lawn boy by Gary Paulsen

1) A million miles from Boston by Karen Day
2) My life as a book by Janet Tashjian
3) The summer before boys by Nora Raleigh Baskin

1) Tortilla sun by Jennifer Cervantes
2) As simple as it seems by Sarah Weeks
3) The last best days of summer by Valerie Hobbs

1) The get rich quick club by Dan Gutman
2) Summer of the wolves by Polly Carlson-Voiles
3) The Penderwicks by Jeanne Birdsall

1) Moxy Maxwell does not love Stuart Little by Peggy Gifford
2) Umbrella summer by Lisa Graff
3) The lemonade war by Jacqueline Davies

1) The summer of moonlight secrets by Danette Haworth
2) Nature girl by Jane Kelley

Picture Books

1) Zoomer's summer snowstorm by Ned Young
2) Mama, it is summer yet? by Nikki McClare
3) A couple boys have the best week ever by Marla Frazee

1) The boy who wouldn't swim by Deb Lucke
2) Four friends in summer by Tomie DePaola
3) The night before summer camp by Natasha Wing

1) Grandma summer by Harley Jessup
2) Summer beat by Betsy Franco

Have fun this summer, and keep reading!


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