Wednesday, April 3, 2013

If you like Ivy and Bean...

If you or your child enjoy reading the series Ivy and Bean by Annie Barrows and are ready to try a new series, below are a list of similar reads that you/your child will enjoy. 

Click on the book images to see the authors' websites to learn more about these books.

Just Grace by Charise Mericle Harper
1)      Just Grace
2)      Still just grace
3)      Just Grace walks the dog
4)      Just Grace goes green
5)      Just Grace and the snack attack
6)      Just Grace and the terrible tutu
7)      Just Grace and the double surprise
8)      Just Grace and the flower girl power
9)      Just Grace, star on stage
10)   Just Grace and the trouble with cupcakes (5/28/13)
11)   Just Grace and the super sleepover (1/7/14)

Clementine by Sara Pennypacker
1)      Clementine
2)      Talented Clementine
3)      Clementine’s letter
4)      Clementine, friend of the week
5)      Clementine and the family meeting
6)      Clementine and the spring trip

Bink and Gollie by Kate DiCamillo
1)      Bink and Gollie
2)      Bink and Gollie, two for one
3)      Bink and Gollie, best friend forever

Friends for keeps by Julie Bowe
1)      My last best friend
2)      My new best friend
3)      My best frenemy
4)      My forever friends
5)      My extra best friend

Lemonade war by Jacqueline Davies
1)      Lemonade war
2)      Lemonade crime
3)      Bell bandit
4)      Candy smash

Piper Reed by Kimberly Willis Holt
1)      Piper Reed, navy brat
2)      Piper Reed, the great gypsy or Piper Reed, clubhouse queen
3)      Piper Reed gets a job or Piper Reed party planner
4)      Piper Reed, camp fire girl
5)      Piper Reed, rodeo star
6)      Piper Reed, forever friends

Allie Finkle’s rules for girls by Meg Cabot
1)      Moving day
2)      New girl
3)      Best friends and drama queens
4)      Stage fright
5)      Glitter girls and the great fake out
6)      Blast from the past

Sassy by Sharon M. Draper
1)      Little sister is not my name
2)      Birthday storm
3)      Silver secret
4)      Dazzle disaster dinner party

Emma by Sally Warner
1)      Only Emma
2)      Not-so-weird Emma
3)      Super Emma
4)      Best friend Emma
5)      Excellent Emma
6)      Happily ever after Emma

Just desserts by Hallie Durand
1)      Dessert first
2)      Just desserts
3)      No room for dessert

Cinderella Smith by Stephanie Barden
1)      Cinderella Smith
2)      More the merrier
3)      Super secret mystery (4/24/13)

Alice-Miranda by Jacqueline Harvey
1)      Alice-Miranda at school
2)      Alice-Miranda on vacation
3)      Alice-Miranda takes the stage (5/14/13)
Penelope Crumb by Shawn K. Stout
1)      Penelope Crumb
2)      Penelope Crumb never forgets
3)      Penelope Crumb finds her luck (9/12/13)
Lucy Rose by Katy Kelly
1)      Here’s the thing about me
2)      Big on plans
3)      Busy like you can’t believe
4)      Working myself to pieces and bits

All of these series are available at the North Castle Library. Stop by and check out one today.  Think we missed a series, please let us know.




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