Friday, November 9, 2012

Veterans Day

Veterans Day is observed on November 12 this year.  This is a day to honor military veterans who have fought during war times.  There are many parades and speeches made across the nation on this day.  On your day off from school, come to the library and read some great books about war, peace, and how we honor and observe our war veterans.  Here are some books about great soldiers showing great strength.

  • "Hero Dad" by Melinda Hardin
  • "The Angel And The Soldier Boy" by Peter Collington
  • "My Daddy Was A Soldier" by Deborah Kogan Ray
  • "Veterans Day" by Mir Tamin Ansary
  • "Veterans Day" by Amanda Doering Tourville
  • "Nurse, Soldier, Spy" by Marissa Moss
  • "Proud As A Peacock, Brave As A Soldier" by Jane Barclay
  • "Don't Forget, God Bless Our Troops" by Jill Biden
  • "The Enemy" by Davide Cali

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  1. Veterans Day has always been celebrated on November 11. However, before it permanently became the 11 of November, Veterans Day was celebrated on the fourth Sunday of October.
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