Friday, September 28, 2012

The Presidential Campaign Is Under Way

Unsure what all the fuss is about?  With less than six weeks until the presidential election, find out what's going on with some of our great books about elections, the presidency, and the history of our government.
Picture Books 
  • President Pennybaker by Kate Feiffer
  • Duck For President by Doreen Cronin
  • Grace For President by Katie DiPucchio
  • We The Kids : The Preamble To The Constitution Of The United States by David Catrow

Easy Non-Fiction

  • Worst Of Friends by Suzanne Trip Jurmain
  • So You Want To Be President by Judith St. George
  • D Is For Democracy : A Citizen's Alphabet by Elissa Grodin
  • Those Rebels, John and Tom by Barbara Kerley
  • First Family by Deborah Hopkinson

  • The President's Stuck In The Bathtub by Susan Katz
  • Our Country's Presidents by Ann Bausum
  • How Do We Elect Our Leader by William Thomas
  • Presidential Races by Arlene Morris-Lipsman
  • Political Parties, Interest Groups, And The Media by Geofffrey M. Horn

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